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A software user interface is the set of commands, tools and methods that enable the user to interact with the computer and to enable data input & output.

In the case of graphical user interfaces, the interface also includes graphical aspects (icons, modes, methods) and the graphics management itself.

Dual interface: standard e natural  

Knowledge Master offers the user a dual interface, that has two modes: "Standard" and "Natural" (or modern). Both interfaces are equivalent.

The standard interface is the inheritance of the old vintage textual interface programs, still evident in most currently used programs through the menu trees that the user must firstly learn, and afterwards memorize to be able to interact with the software and obtain some first results... "but... where is the function that...?".

The natural interface concentrates most seldom used functions in a few buttons, and consequently reduces the number of menus.

Elements common to both interfaces  

Common to both interfaces, most frequently used functions are encapsulated, a principle that eases and simplifies map construction and analysis to the maximum, because the user doesn't have to learn where or how a function can be activated: function activation points are a "property" of every object. Because the map is always composed of concepts and relations, nothing is simpler than:

to activate any function on a concept, you just right click on it;

to activate any function on a relation, you just right click on it;

to activate a map function it is enough to right click on the map bottom.

The few buttons contain general use or seldom used functions:

Thus, to use most functions everything is resolved with "right clicking the object (concept, relation, map)". This original setting eases the functional growth of the software, because every new function is placed directly on the point of use, where the user instinctively looks for it.

That's why the Knowledge Master learning curve is very steep, the user learns it fast, very simply, leaving all efforts and challenges for the object of our creativity: the map.

The user can indistinctly switch interfaces.




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